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Framing Ideas To Commemorate A First Day Of School

Your child's first day of school is an occasion you'll want to commemorate, and choosing a custom picture framing option is one great way to do just that. Collect the pictures you took of that special moment, and think about other mementos you can use in the frame. Use these ideas to create a wonderful tribute to your little one's first day of school.

Chalkboard Frame

Work with your local framing shop to create a chalkboard frame for your child's picture. Use wood rulers to create the actual frame, and add a custom-cut piece of magnetic chalkboard for the backing. This option lets you customize the frame even further by adding magnets around the picture. For example, if you order photo magnets with your child's yearbook photo package, you can use them to decorate the area around the first day of school picture. You can also use chalk to write a custom message around the picture.

Shadow Box

A shadow box gives you a way to create a scrapbook of sorts for your child's first day of school. Collect any art your child created that day as well as the name tag the teacher placed on his or her desk. You may even want to use the shirt your child wore as a backdrop for the image. Add a few other trinkets, such as crayons or pencils to keep with the school theme. Use this idea every year, and line your hallway wall with shadow boxes for every grade.

Custom School Frame

Consider working in your child's school name, colors, and mascot into the frame. Select one school color for the frame and the other for the backing, and have your custom framer engrave your child's name on the picture frame underneath the picture. At the top of the frame, have your child's school name engraved. Ask the school for a downloadable image of the school mascot, and place it in the frame next to your child's picture. This idea can also work with the class picture, as you can place that image as well as the first day of school image in the same frame for a small collage.

Be sure to take plenty of pictures on that first day of school so you can select the perfect picture to frame, or consider hiring a professional photographer to do a photo shoot that morning. Once you have the images you want, work with a custom framer, such as at Keeton's Office Supply, to create a whimsical frame to commemorate the first day of school.

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