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Do You Drive For A Food Delivery Service? 4 Tips To Make Sure Orders Arrive Hot And Ready To Eat

Food delivery services are gaining in popularity as more restaurants realize how much people enjoy being able to enjoy their favorite dishes without leaving their house. As a delivery driver, you play a huge role in customer satisfaction, and your income depends upon you being able to deliver their food while it is still hot and in perfect condition. In addition to making sure that your customers are happy, taking care of the food properly is essential for the prevention of food borne illness. As you get ready to start picking up more orders, be sure to use these tips to make sure that every delivery is hot and ready to serve.

Never Open Containers

It's tempting to open up the containers to make sure the orders you deliver are exactly like what the customer ordered. However, opening up packages allows heat and steam to escape from the container, and this can cause it to rapidly begin to cool. You can also expose the food to bacteria in the air every time you open it up. For this reason, it is best to trust that the restaurant did their part to make sure that the order is correct.

Use Warmer Sleeves

The drive from a restaurant to a customer's house may take only a few minutes, yet that is all that it takes for certain types of food to be too cold to enjoy. Food warmer sleeves are available in different sizes that you can choose from to hold the orders as you drive to the customer's house. Although the time that a warmer sleeve keeps food hot can vary, you can usually expect them to keep orders at the right temp for several hours.

Keep the Sleeves Clean

During the course of a work day, you can expect to take multiple orders to your customer's houses. While you should always do your best to avoid food, spills sometimes happen. When they do, simply wipe the warmer sleeve with a clean towel. This prevents food from appearing on other containers, which puts off customers.

Secure the Food Before Driving

You also want to make sure that the food does not slide around in your car. Always make sure that you lay the bag flat with the container sitting upright inside. Depending upon your car and the style of bag that you choose, you can also secure it in your vehicle using the seat belt or bungee cord.

Bringing people hot and delicious food is rewarding. By making sure to take extra care of your orders, you can be sure that people will return your efforts with repeat orders.

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