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3 Tips For Converting Car Sales Phone Calls Into Dealership Visits

Searching for a new car starts on the phone for many shoppers. A quick call to the dealership is often made to find out about stock and the qualifications for getting a new car. For salesmen, what is said on the phone is important. If the wrong words are said, potential customers could choose to visit another dealership. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to increase the odds that you can turn a phone inquiry into a dealership visit.

Know the Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

An inability to answer basic questions about buying a car can be a turnoff to many potential customers. By contrast, if you sound knowledgeable, you will help to build the customers' confidence in you. The more confident they are in you, the more likely they will be to schedule an appointment with you.

Although the questions can widely range, there are a few questions that you will undoubtedly encounter on the phone. For instance, you can expect to hear, "How much is the down payment?" Take the time to think about the questions that you are commonly asked and write down the answers for easy access. Instead of stressing to find the answers while on the phone, you can focus on building a rapport with the caller.

Identify What Works and Does Not Work

As you are taking calls, pay close attention to the responses you get to your questions and answers to callers. Although it might seem time-consuming, keep notes on each call you receive. The notes can be used to get a sense of what works and does not work on the phone with callers.

Once you have this information, you can begin to tweak your presentation to potential customers over the phone. For instance, if callers tend to respond negatively to questions about the interest rate, find a friendlier way to relay the information. Instead of saying it can range, try focusing on specifics. Stating, "It can be as low as 5 percent," sounds better than it can range.

Enroll in a Car Sales Phone Training

Regardless of how successful you have been in turning calls into visits, professional help with your on-phone sales technique can help you improve your conversions. During phone training, you can receive critiques about what you are currently doing and advice on how you can improve your tactics.

You can also learn more about the small details that can make a difference, such as the tone of your voice, how often you pause, and the descriptive words that you use. 

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