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How Custom Framing Can Help With Preserving Your Wedding Pictures

A wedding is one of the most important events for a couple. It is normal to want your photographer to capture every moment. Your wedding pictures are a reminder of your special day. Read on to find out how custom framing can help with preserving your wedding pictures.

Consider Custom Framing

A custom picture frame design is a way to customize a frame to suit your style. Many companies allow you to use interactive web applications. You can see how your picture look with different mats and frames before getting the finished product. Custom framing also allows you to match the frame to wedding colors.

Prevent Photos From Warping

When photos are printed on paper, they tend to have buckling and warping at the edges. Mounting and custom framing can help with these problems. Displaying your wedding photos involves more than putting a photo into a frame. Framing and mounting are different steps, but can be used together for a good photo display.

How Does Mounting Helps?

Mounting is one of the ways to stop warping. This method uses acid free tape and hinging tissue to give your photo a solid basis. It allows you to display the picture by affixing it to a firm backing. Photos that are printed on paper are easier to handle when mounted. A mounted photo is less likely to get damaged when framing and matting it. Mounting also give you more options when it comes to frame sizes. For example, a mounted picture can fit in a nonstandard or larger frame. You can get the photo to fit by cutting the mounting board.

Protect Against Humidity

Humidity and temperatures affect your photographs. High humidity encourages mold to grow on your pictures. A quality frame can protect your photos against high humidity environments. It also helps to have central heat and air in your home.

A wedding is a significant milestone and it deserves a spot on your wall of memories. If you want to display some photos in your home, then you should talk to a framing expert. You can choose from a variety of options to make your frame unique.

For example, you can choose a moulding to frame your picture. Frame mouldings come in different compositions, colors and sizes. Moulding choices include metals, woods, neutrals, brights, thin and wide. A frame expert, such as from O'Shaughnessy Custom Framing, can help you with narrowing down your choices to suit your project.

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