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What To Ask Your Spring Water Delivery Service

If you're planning to have spring water delivered to your office to share with employees and customers, that can be a great way to encourage healthy habits and provide fresh, great-tasting water on the premises. However, before going with a spring water delivery company, ask the following:

How Often Do You Test Water?

A reason spring water is a good choice for your office's drinking water supply is that it tends to be free from the contaminants and certain chemicals that the regular local water supply has. However, the water you buy for your company should be tested regularly to ensure that it's as clean as you expect. Some companies run tests every day and make that information available either through their online websites or through phone contact.

You might also inquire about what the water is being tested for. There are state and federal standards that must be observed, but some spring water companies go beyond those requirements and test for additional contaminants. Your first choice for a delivery service might be the company that tests for the most impurities.

Can We Have Bottles as Well?

Most spring water delivery services will provide large gallon jugs for use in a dispenser that you place somewhere in the office. This is a great way to cut down on plastic waste and encourages movement and interaction among your employees. However, if you want to offer bottles to clients or would like bottles on hand for other reasons, be sure that the company you work with can serve those needs.

Can You Provide Water for Our Special Events?

If you plan to have a retreat for employees or an annual dinner, find out whether you can receive additional water from a particular company. Some companies even offer custom glass bottles that you can put company branding on. This will eliminate some waste since the glass can be reused, and if possible, you may be able to send people home with a glass bottle as a memento.

What Should We Do with Empty Jugs?

Over time, if you're not careful, storage rooms could end up full of empty water jugs. Luckily, if you leave the empty jugs in an easily-accessible location, many delivery companies will have their staff collect them they deliver new ones to you. In some cases, your company is eligible for a small credit for the jugs you do return.

Having spring water in the office is a healthy idea. Use these questions for guidance about which spring water delivery companies could be excellent partners for your company.

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