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Replacing The Doors In Your Home For Safety, Security, And Style

The doors on your home serve several purposes, the first of which is to keep the people inside safe secure. Keeping people that are not welcome outside the home is important but at the same time, welcoming those you have invited to your home is important. Doing both with the same door can be tough but not if you choose the right door for your home. Here are some things to think about as you choose doors for your home.

Doors That Provide Security

The first thing you want to accomplish with new doors is security for your home and family so finding a door that will stand up to intruders is important. Take a look at metal or solid wood doors for strength. The solid wood door can be penetrated with enough effort but a good, solid door is hard to defeat and the noise involved would almost certainly alert someone to the activity in short order. Metal or steel doors are extremely durable and are very hard for an intruder to damage or defeat. When combined with good deadbolt locks that have been installed properly, either option will keep your family safe inside in most cases.

Fire Protection

If you want a door that offers protection from fire, a steel door will give you the best option. Steel doors can withstand a lot of heat but entrance doors do not normally have a fire exposure concern. Unless you live where wildfires are common or something outside your door is burning, fire if not the biggest concern you face with an exterior door. There are many steel fire rated doors available from the entrance to your home if you do want or need to consider it though.

Style and Design

When choosing your entrance doors, style and design are most likely the first things you will look at. A door design can really compliment the exterior of your home and pick one that fits your home will make your entry more inviting to your friends and family. Color can also greatly affect the design so take your time when picking out your door style and color. If you are not sure about what color to go with, an interior designer can help you with colors that are warm and inviting or that will complement the home.

Installation Of Your Doors

Once you have selected doors from your home, you may want to hire a door company to install them for you. In most cases, the company can install the door and new locks quickly and efficiently. If the door needs extra support, the installer will be able to deal with it properly. Heavier doors sometimes required longer or heavier screws to support it properly and the hardware you choose may not be enough to do the job. If you are not sure what you need when looking for door hardware, speak to the installer about what the door requires so that you can provide it or select something that they offer before the work begins.   

Contact a door company, like Advanced Door Service, to get started.

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