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Four Tips To Improve Your Water Quality

Does the quality of the water in your home leave something to be desired? Whether you are on the municipal water or have your own well, poor tasting or sub-par water can be both annoying and expensive – especially if you start buying drinking water elsewhere. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to improve your home's water quality, such as:

Tip #1: Have the water tested

The first step to improving water quality is to find out what is making it taste bad. Hard minerals like lime or over-chlorination are two of the most common causes. A professional water test will be able to pinpoint all the contaminants, even those considered safe or at safe levels, that are affecting your water's flavor. Once you know what the cause is, you'll be able to proceed with the rest of these tips.

Tip #2: Improve your plumbing

Poor water flavor can be a result of old plumbing or fixtures. A water test will pick up on any metal residue in the water that could be coming from your pipes. If just one sink is affected, it may be worth the expense to update the pipes. In other cases, simply installing a new faucet or cleaning the aerator screen inside your current faucet may be enough to boost the water quality.

Tip #3: Invest in a purifier

There are different types of water purifiers on the market, from whole house versions to those designed for use on a single sink. If the water test doesn't reveal any harmful contaminants, then installing a purifier on the main sink you drink from (typically the kitchen) is a good option. Otherwise, the larger investment in a whole house purifier may be worth the expense. Just make sure the purifier you choose is made to filter out the specific contaminants that are affecting your water's quality.

Tip #4: Install a water softener

When hard water minerals are the culprit, a water softener can handle the problem. In most cases, it is best to purchase a whole house softener model. These softeners remove the hard minerals from the water at the point of entry into your home. Not only does this improve the flavor of the water, it also protects your plumbing from hard water buildup. This means fewer water spots on shower walls, on your dishes after washing, and on plumbing fixtures. Your clothes and even your hair may also come out cleaner when washed in softened water.

Talk to a water company like A Plus Water for more help.

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