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A Guide To Choosing A New Furnace

A new furnace can end up being a hefty investment, but purchasing a low quality furnace or having it improperly installed could spell disaster further down the line and end up costing you even more money. And no one wants to be stuck with a malfunctioning furnace during the colder months.

Air Quality

In the winter, your furnace will distribute hot air throughout your home. This means it will affect the air quality. Especially if you have pets, young children, asthmatics, or the elderly living with you, you're going to want a furnace with special air quality measures. You might have to have an air quality system installed in your ducts, so be sure to choose a heating contractor skilled in this area.

Consider Brands

With all things in life, you really get what you pay for. Do some research to find out who the most reputable brands are. Also be sure to read plenty of reviews online to see what customers are saying.


The most efficient furnaces are also the most complicated machinery, which means they're going to be more expensive to buy, install, and repair. That being said these units are much better for the environment and can save you tons of money in the winter. You should make the investment into a very high efficiency furnace if you can afford it, but if you can't, high efficiency should be just enough.


Do not purchase a furnace without a warranty. Not only is a warranty is a sign of professionalism and quality, but it can help you save tons of money. An average warranty is around 10 years. What a relief to know your furnace installation is covered after having just invested all of that money. You should note that a lot of warranties don't cover the cost of labor. If your warranty doesn't, talk to your heating contractor about signing an independent warranty with them.

Ask for a Proposal

A furnace installation contractor might give you a bid, or estimated price of what the project is going to cost, but that isn't enough information for you to sign with them. Your contractor should give you a written out proposal. The more detailed, the less likely you are to face hidden costs. It should include a breakdown of the cost for parts, the furnace, labor, and electrical work as well as what exactly your contractor will be doing.

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