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Packaging Suggestions For Freelance Artists

As an artist with a budding freelance business, the happiness you feel knowing people are buying your work can sometimes be tempered by all the new business tasks you need to do. Packaging your posters, prints, sculputures and other work may not yet have been given the same focus and care that you use on your original art pieces, but enhancing customer experience through custom packaging and the suggestinons here is smart and effective for your company.

Colored Shipping Tubes

If you sell a lot of your posters, shipping tubes are probably used often. To dress up these tubes, consider custom colored versions. Shipping tubes are cylindrical and so often stand out from other packages anyway, but adding the element of a vibrant colour will only heighten interest whereever the tube is handled. Postal workers, shipping staff and others will do a double-take when they see your colored tubes and will wonder who you are and what's in those tubes. Ensure that your website or company name is prominent on the tube so that interested people know how to get any further details. You could end up making more customers for yourself when eyes are drawn to your packaging.

Custom Labels

For small packages that better suit mailing envelopes rather than boxes, you may only use white, brown or beige envelopes instead of utilizing custom ones. If this is the situation for your own art business, you can still brighten the way your package looks with custom labels. Labels are affordable, in many cases moreso than custom envelopes, and can be easily used when you're ready to send everything out.

Corrugated Cardboard

If you're sculpting figurines or creating art that must go into cardboard boxes, you'll of course do your best to protect them as they travel to customers. Proper packaging is vital; in such cases corrugated boxes could work best. These boxes, due to the interior wave-like design in the middle layer of each box, provide more air cushioning for your pieces.

Postal Scale

You might have all these different ways to package art, but postal fees are vital to consider whatever packaging you use. This can be calculated more exactly with a dedicated postal scale. That way you can attempt different packages if you like until you arrive at the most economical choice.

Make an effort to be as thoughtful and creative with your packaging decisions as you are with your artwork. Discuss these issues with custom packaging experts and other artists to learn more

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