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Managing An Efficient Tech Services Lease

Do you have to purchase every single piece of equipment that your business needs? Are your technical operations, utility use, and overall efficiency needs serviced by having a physical server on the premises? The answer isn't easy, as different levels of data management way need a different level of in-person, physical use. Here are a few tech management details to help you figure out which devices are better off purchased and installed on company property versus managed at another location.

An Argument Against Remote Access

Telecommuting, remote access, cloud computing, and many other ways of working with data across the internet are here to stay. They shouldn't go anywhere, but there are also times when internet-facing technology isn't a good option.

Security is the first--but far from the only--reason to give remote access a second thought. There will always be new methods of cracking, then protecting information no matter the source. It doesn't matter if you have a system connected to a public kiosk or locked inside a vault without internet access; if it exists, there's a chance it could be hacked.

The argument is over which assets are easier to compromise. A set of systems in a distant building that you don't own will always be the bigger risk. There will always be advertisements about the latest uncrackable or highly-sophisticated system, but at some point, the owner needs unhampered access. If nothing else, a hacker's goal will be to imitate the hacker.

That said, there's multiple levels of reasonable concern. If you're working on a government contract with Top Secret security clearance information, it would be ridiculous to create a remote access agreement with any company on the market. If you're reading this as a former military tech who has seen such things happen in shady circumstances, but that experience behind you. It's asking for trouble.

Leasing Physical Devices On-Premises 

If you're not working with classified information that wouldn't damage the company during a leak, don't aspire to government-level security. It's tempting to err on the side of caution, but there's such a thing as overspending on security.

Using a shielded, dedicated landline from you to a hosting company and demanding a private server room with closed circuit television is overboard for storing a few financial reports or uncompromising documents.

A smarter security decision would be to lease a server that can manage your files for company use. If you need to access these files from abroad, the same leasing company can either provide networking services or refer you to a hosting company partner who can connect your systems as securely as possible for remote access.

Contact an IT leasing professional to discuss available devices and services to expand your business without diverting full price for advanced tech.

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