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Common Problems With Gas Lawn Mowers That Can Be Repaired

If you have grass in your front or backyard, it is essential to have a quality lawn mower that is reliable so you can keep your lawn trimmed and in good condition. Unfortunately, like all machines and appliances, lawn mowers can develop problems that prevent them from operating properly or running all together. A good lawn mower is not cheap, so many people are alarmed when their lawn mower is not working properly and may dread having to spend the money to replace it. Luckily, many common lawn mower problems can be repaired by your local lawn mower services for a fraction of the cost of replacing it. Some common lawn mower problems that can be repaired include:

Engine Problems

If a lawn mower's engine is not working properly, the machine will not work well at all. Common issues with lawn mower engines include running rough or not turning over when the lawn mower is turned on. In many cases, these types of lawn mower engine problems are caused by an air filter that is extremely dirty and clogged or old and worn out. A bad air filter prohibits air from flowing through the engine, which causes combustion problems. If the air filter is not the problem, the lawn mower's motor may be defective and need to be repaired or replaced.

Lawn Mower Won't Start

It can be very frustrating when you attempt to start up your lawn mower and it does not respond at all. Don't automatically assume that your lawn mower has reached the end of its lifespan when it does not turn on. One common reasons that lawn mowers refuse to start is due to issues with the spark plugs. If the spark plugs inside the lawn mower are covered in grease, grime, and other debris, the issue can be fixed by having the spark plugs cleaned. In the event of one or more bad spark plugs, replacing them with new ones is usually enough to get the lawn mower up and running again. 

Frequent Stalling

No one wants to be in the middle of mowing the lawn and have the lawn mower stall. When this happens, it is often because of a problem with the fuel system. One issue may be a clogged fuel filter that is preventing gas from reaching the engine. It is also possible that the fuel line has a blockage or is cracked. If there is an issue with your lawn mower's fuel system, a lawn mower service will be able to diagnose and repair the problem. 

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