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Opening A Laundromat? How To Get Affordable Commercial Equipment

If you're looking for an almost hands-free way to bring in more money without a huge investment, opening a laundromat is definitely a great choice. Just by renting a building and installing automated, commercial equipment you stand to generate a solid income even in your absence. The key is to find commercial washers and dryers at a price that won't call for too much upfront capital. The tips below can help you in your search to obtain affordable commercial equipment that helps get your new endeavor off the ground.

Check-In With Apartment Building Maintenance Teams

A really great tip that can help you land solid commercial laundry equipment at a great price can be found by checking in with the maintenance teams of local apartment buildings. If you've ever lived in an apartment building where there was an in-house laundry room you are probably familiar with the coin-operated equipment that is typically found there. The owner of the building periodically switches out the equipment and when this happens you might be able to score a very sweet deal if you know how to do it.

What you should try to do is get in good graces with the maintenance team. Go to the building and ask to speak with the maintenance department. Maintenance personnel members serve as the first point of contact for many of the repairs that take place within apartment buildings. They typically know when certain items will be replaced and if you are on their radar they're able to call you up so you're first in line to purchase the old equipment. If the pieces are in good shape and don't need much work all it should take is a little elbow grease and you have what you need to get your business going.

Remanufactured Equipment Is A Good Choice

Buying remanufactured equipment is also a great way to save big on commercial laundry equipment. Remanufactured items are sent back to the original producer to be retooled and restored to a like-new condition. Any part that has deteriorated is removed and replaced so you can rest assured that you're making a sound purchase that will work well in your new laundry facility.

Saving money when buying equipment allows you to get what you need at prices that won't run you into the hole. Take these tips into consideration so that you can open your laundromat with budget-friendly equipment. Contact a service, like Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales Inc. , for further assistance.

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