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The Complications Of Dyslexia And How A Tutor Can Help

Dyslexia appears to affect between five and ten percent of the population. That may not seem like much until you understand the population of the U.S. alone, and that ten percent of that number is affected by the inability to read letters and words. If you have a child with dyslexia, you can at least take comfort in knowing that there is help and that your child is not unintelligent or cognitively challenged. He/she just has a brain that refuses to recognize letters and words on the page. Here is how you can help him/her with a tutor's assistance.

Hire a Qualified, Licensed Tutor

The idea behind hiring a tutor is excellent. The idea behind hiring a qualified and licensed tutor is even better because it means that the company that the tutor represents has made certain that this tutor does not have any sketchy or unpleasant details in his/her background. That kind of tutor is exactly the type of person you want to hire because you know that he/she is safe to invite into your home and work with your child.

Invite the Tutor into Your Home

Because of your child's dyslexia, homework is undoubtedly a nightly nightmare. It is very difficult to get him/her to complete the assignments because he/she struggles with reading directions and writing words. For that reason, it is important to invite the tutor into your home every night that your child has homework in order to help your child do the work and then do the therapy tasks with the tutor. The tutor can also provide you with ideas on how to help your child retrain his/her brain to read words around the house. Usually, labeling everything in sight gets your child used to seeing these words and understanding that the words represent what the labeled items are. 

Brain Retrain and Homework Sessions Continue Until Your Child's Brain and Approach to Reading Change

Retraining the brain to see letters the right way, and subsequently see words as they are, takes time. Ongoing sessions involving homework and daily practice are necessary. Your child may have a tutor for a year or more.

During all of that time, the tutor is trying to incorporate different therapeutic approaches to get your child to see and read what he/she should be seeing and reading and not what their brains are telling them to see and read. Sessions continue until your child can effectively work out on their own the words they are reading. It will be a lifelong struggle, but famous people (e.g., Tom Cruise) suffer from dyslexia and still manage to do quite well with their lives. So, too, can your child. 

Contact a local company like Pride Reading Program to learn more about the services a dyslexia tutor can offer your child. 

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