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The Basics Of Having A Notary On Your Company Staff

As a business owner, you've likely relied on notary services many times in the past. From business contract signings to the sale of assets, many documents need to be notarized in order to be legally enforceable. However, despite the importance of notarizing business documents, many business owners don't see the importance of having a notary within their office staff. Here are a few things you need to know about having someone on your staff as a notary public.

The Benefits Of A Notary On Staff

When your business has a notary within the full-time staff, you'll actually get many benefits from the process. For example, most businesses have to spend extra time traveling to a notary in order to complete a business deal when the contracts need to be notarized.

If you have a notary on staff, you can complete the entire process in-house and eliminate that extra time spent traveling to and from a local notary, including having to schedule an appointment.

In addition, when your company has a notary on staff, your business may become more valuable to your customers. You'll be able to offer notary services to your customers, which adds convenience to doing business with you. Not only does it add convenience for your customer, but it also opens up an additional revenue stream for your company.

Basics Of A Notary On Staff

Unless you are in a business with high-volume notary needs, such as a busy auto dealership, you don't need to have a notary on staff in an exclusive capacity. In most cases, employees will spend only a small portion of time providing notary services, so you can have someone responsible on your staff become a notary and offer the services in addition to their daily responsibilities.

Just remember that a notary on your staff cannot have a financial interest in your business if they are offering notary services for business documents. This is a conflict of interest, so you'll need someone on your staff who isn't vested in the company's profit-sharing or other services.

Benefits For Your Notary

If you are trying to encourage someone on your staff to become a notary, you may need to express that doing so has benefits for them as well. Not only can they charge a fee for every notary service that they provide, even if they split that fee with the company, they also have the opportunity to moonlight their notary services, providing services in their personal time as well.

This offers an income stream and a sense of responsibility that can be well worth the time investment required to obtain the notary status. For more information, contact a notary in your area.

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