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3 Places To Find Short-Term Income During A Pandemic

With many nonessential businesses temporarily shutting down during a pandemic, employees often find themselves with little to no income. Fortunately, there are still ways you can earn money relatively quickly and keep your family afloat during trying times.

Employment Agencies

An employment agency should be your first stop because there will be different types of businesses that are still functioning during a pandemic and they need extra workers temporarily. Some types of work you might find will include medical office positions, warehousing, and construction. If you are comfortable going to work during a pandemic and simply practicing precautions, such as wearing a mask and gloves, you will likely find at least a few opportunities. Since you are a temporary employee, you may receive pay daily or weekly, which is ideal during a financial crisis. Some employment agencies also operate online, so you may be able to register with them without leaving your house.

Gig Work

Some types of gigs may flourish during a pandemic since many people are self-quarantining. For example, many restaurants are no longer able to serve food inside the restaurant so there is an increase in orders for take-out and delivery. Working with a delivery service to pick up and drop off restaurant orders and/or groceries may be quite lucrative during this time. If you want to try this type of work, be sure to look up tips on making the most money with the least amount of effort and cost for gas. Other gig work might include doing real estate or stock photography if you have a DSLR camera. With this type of photography, you do not have to work directly with people and can continue practicing social distancing.

Online Employment

Depending on your skills, finding online work can be challenging during a pandemic because more people are competing for the same work. You should check online classifieds and job boards to see if major companies are hiring for customer service representatives or similar job functions that can be done remotely. Rental car services and major online retailers are some types of companies that frequently hire remote workers to handle customer service needs for their customers. This is the most ideal situation so you can continue to self-quarantine while earning a living. Some people might find they enjoy working remotely and this may be the start of a new career.

A temporary drop in income because of a pandemic can be disastrous for households that already have a limited budget. Knowing where to look to find job opportunities will help you spend less time hunting for a temporary job. 

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