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3 Features A Small Aero Engine Transport Stand Should Have

Airplane engines are complex and expensive pieces of machinery. An engine that is meant to be installed in an airplane is usually created in a controlled setting then transported to where the body of the aircraft is stored for installation. 

Moving an aero engine poses a unique challenge. The engine must be kept clean and stabilized throughout the transportation process in order for it to function properly after it has been installed. 

Engine transport stands can prove to be valuable tools, as long as they are designed properly. Look for these three features the next time you are ready to invest in a new engine transport stand for your aero engines to maximize the safety and efficiency of the transportation process in the future.

1. Durable Gearbox

In order to fit your aero engine into a transport vehicle, the engine may need to be tipped or flipped. The type of engine stand that you invest in will determine how easily you can manipulate an aero engine. An engine transport stand with a durable gearbox allows you to rotate the engine with ease. 

The gearbox eliminates the need for manual manipulation, which can significantly reduce the likelihood of your aero engine sustaining any damage during transport. 

You will also enjoy improved access to the engine while it is in transit when your engine stand has a durable gearbox. Any last-minute repairs, part additions, or inspections can easily be completed by using the gearbox to gain access to the aero engine from many different angles.

2. Heavy-Duty Wheels

Another important feature your engine transportation stands should have is heavy-duty wheels. Wheels give you the ability to load an aero engine onto the transport stands inside the manufacturing facility, then push the engine out and onto a transport vehicle. 

Airplane engines can be quite heavy, with even the smallest engines weighing in at several hundred pounds. Insufficient or poor-quality wheels can easily buckle under the weight of an engine after the transport stand has been loaded. 

Heavy-duty wheels that are made from a hard polyurethane resin material will not go flat or burst unexpectedly and send your valuable engine reeling. You also want to ensure that the wheels on your aero engine transport stand are equipped with locking casters to help hold the stand in place during transit.

3. Parts Tray

An aero engine will come with multiple pieces of hardware that are designed to facilitate the installation process. You don't want any of these hardware items to become lost or damaged while the engine is being transported from the manufacturing facility to your hangar. 

An engine transport stand that is equipped with a parts tray can be a valuable asset that will help you keep track of all hardware and spare parts that come with your new aero engine. A quality parts tray will be welded to the engine stand and have a durable plastic rim that will prevent any items from spilling out of the tray while it is in motion. 

By storing spare parts and hardware in a tray that is attached to the engine stand itself, you can rest assured knowing that everything you need to properly install your aero engine will arrive simultaneously.

The last thing you want to do is gamble with the condition of an engine that you plan to install in a small aircraft. An engine transport stand with the right design features will help you conveniently load your engine and secure the engine for transport to the installation location. 

Make sure that your next engine transport stand is equipped with a durable gearbox, heavy-duty wheels, and a parts tray for maximum efficiency.

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