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Rent Or Purchase A Propane Tank

If you will be purchasing propane cooking equipment to use at your restaurant, you will need an adequate spot to store the fuel that you will be using during daily operations. For this purpose you can rent or purchase a propane tank. The following information will outline each tank option.

Rent a Tank

Many propane suppliers rent storage tanks. Upon choosing a company to rent a tank from, you will be required to obtain all of your fuel from them. A propane company will supply a tank for a low fee or no fee, and will make arrangements to have it installed on your commercial property.

If you ever decide to close your restaurant or move, you will not need to move the propane tank. You can either have it picked up by the supplier or can request to have your rental contract transferred to a new location. If you move your existing business to another location, the same tank or a comparable one will be installed at the alternate location. Renting a tank will limit liabilities and will ensure that safety is maintained. A tank supplier will provide upkeep to the tank and will make repairs to it as needed.

Purchase a Tank

If you decide to purchase a tank, you will be responsible for obtaining the tank and having it installed on your property. Tanks vary in size and style, each hold a specific amount of fuel, and contain a distinct way to measure the amount of fuel that is available for use. The installation of a propane tank will require that you obtain a permit through a local municipality.

After the tank is set up, you will need to choose who will supply the propane. You should contact several suppliers and compare the rates that they charge. Because you will be the sole owner of the tank, you will have the freedom to switch carriers, if you are eventually unsatisfied with the initial propane company that you purchase fuel from. If any damage occurs to your tank, you will be responsible for repairing it.

Maintaining the tank will also be up to you. You can request an autofill service, to ensure that you do not run out of propane each month. If you do not choose an autofill arrangement, you will need to measure the contents within the tank at scheduled intervals. If you are going to expand your business, move to a new location, or shut down your business, you will need to hire someone to remove the tank and transport it for you. 

For more information about renting or buying a propane tank, contact a propane supply company in your area.

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