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3 Times When You Might Need A Liftgate Delivery Service

When you need to transport a large, heavy item, a liftgate delivery service can be a lifesaver. A liftgate is essentially a platform that extends from the back of a truck, which allows the driver to easily lower and raise heavy items. This type of service can be especially helpful when moving furniture or appliances, as it eliminates the need to carry these items up and down stairs.

Read on to learn about a few other times you may need to enlist the help of a liftgate delivery service.

You're Shipping Oversized Items

Oversized items are often too large to fit in a regular delivery truck. They may also be too heavy for a single person to lift. A liftgate delivery service is designed to handle items of any size or weight, so you can rest assured that your package will get where it needs to go safely and efficiently.

Liftgate trucks have ramps and platforms that can accommodate items weighing thousands of pounds. This allows for larger pieces of furniture, construction materials, or even commercial machinery to be safely transported from one location to another.

It also helps reduce the risk of damaging the item due to improper lifting. Some liftgate delivery services even offer additional services like packing and unpacking for extra convenience.

You Need a "White Glove" Delivery

If you're ordering a high-end item, you may require white glove delivery. This is where the driver will bring your package inside the house and unpack and assemble it for you. The liftgate truck can make this process much easier since they already have ramps and platforms that enable them to safely deliver items straight into the home.

For instance, if you're ordering a large piece of antique furniture, the driver can lower the item onto the liftgate platform and then carefully maneuver it into your home. This kind of delivery would be very difficult and time-consuming without a liftgate.

When Receiving or Delivering Items From Remote Locations

A liftgate delivery service can help access areas that are difficult to get to, such as basements and upper floors of buildings. This is extremely useful when delivering items that require a lot of manual labor, such as pallets or large crates, as the driver can safely maneuver them into the desired area.

Here, the liftgate can also be used to help with the loading and unloading of items, as the driver can quickly and safely lower them onto the ground or into the truck. This reduces the amount of time and effort required to move these items from one place to another, saving you time, money, and energy.

Whether you're setting up your new home or relocating your business, liftgate delivery services can help make the process a lot smoother. With their larger cargo capacity and ability to access remote locations, these services can save you time and money while ensuring that your items are safely transported.

If you need to transport large items, consider investing in a liftgate delivery service. It's sure to make your move a breeze!

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