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How To Spot The Signs Your Well Needs Servicing

If you have a well that is no longer functioning effectively, it can be frustrating. Occasionally all wells will need repairs. When this happens, there is no point in postponing a professional inspection, the sooner you get the issue rectified, the better it will be for you in terms of convenience and finances. If you are still a little uncertain about whether or not your well is in need of servicing, here are some clues that you need professional help.

Understanding Your Well Pump

Often, when a well has issues, it is because the well pump is not working correctly. Well pumps are responsible for getting the water out of your well and into your pressure tank. The pump will work to turn itself on and off automatically. It does this based on the amount of pressure that it finds in the tank. Well pumps tend to have a long lifespan but there are times when things will go wrong.

Low Water Pressure

There are certain unmistakable signs that your well pump needs attention. One of them is low water pressure. Sometimes the water may consistently stay low, but there are times when you may notice constant fluctuations between highs and lows. This type of inconsistency can be inconvenient so get in touch with someone who can repair your well pump.

Pressure Tank Sounds

If you hear sounds in your pressure tank, it may mean that the air bladder inside the tank has become defective. Your well pump is run by a motor, and when the air bladder in the tank is damaged or malfunctioning, it can put unnecessary strain on your well pump — which further compounds the problem.

Spitting Noises

Now that you know what to look for outside, you should also know about the sounds you will hear inside your home when there is an issue with your pump. If when you turn on your faucet you hear spitting noises coming from it, it is a sign that the air bladder is malfunctioning and causing air to get inside the water.

Pay Attention and Get Help When Necessary

It is always best to take action early when you notice that there are issues with your well. Things will only get worse over time. Contact a well service professional and explain your issues as best as you can. Ask them to come in and do an inspection to determine the health of your well.

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